Dingley Dell Outdoor Reared Free Range Pork

Birtwistles Catering Butchers, working in partnership with Dingley Dell Pork, are pleased to announce our exclusive supply of Dingley Dell Outdoor Reared Free Range Fresh Pork to the Catering Sector in the North and the Midlands.

Dingley Dell Pork comes from an outdoor pork farm, near Woodbridge, situated in the beautiful Debden Valley of Suffolk. It is owned and run by Mark and Paul Hayward.
The brothers established the Dingley Dell brand in 1999 with the aim of producing superb tasting, welfare friendly pork with provenance. They are proud to have been a member of the RSPCA’s Freedom Food scheme for over 10 years and their farm is an ‘Ambassador Farm’ for Freedom Foods.
The pigs at Dingley Dell live in a place with great natural beauty and serenity. Mark and Paul are as serious about caring for the landscape as they are about caring for their animals.
The best-flavoured pork comes from pigs that are born and bred in a well-managed, outdoor rearing system, where they can express their natural, inquisitive behaviour. So Dingley Dell’s sumptuous taste is a testament to the quality of care that the animals receive.